Our Clinics

Vasectomy in Sydney offer many advantages over other vasectomy clinics.

  • Easy to get appointment and practically no waiting list, just 1-2 weeks
  • Convenient days and time, open on Saturdays as well
  • Can book appointment easily through phone or online at your convenience
  • Highly trained, skilled and experienced doctor
  • Fast, safe and reliable surgical care
  • Friendly team
  • Very convenient locations at Parramatta and Penrith
  • Comparatively lower cost
  • Consultation and procedure done at the same time with no extra cost


Clinic locations

Penrith                                                                                  Paramatta







Medeco Medical Centre                                                        Rosehill Family Medical Practice

518 High Street                                                                       1/22-24 Oak St

Penrith NSW 2750                                                                  Rosehill NSW 2142

Phone: 02 4724 2000                                                             Phone: 02 9635 8075

Website: www.medecopenrith.com.au                               www.rosehillfamilymedicalpractice.com.au


Making an appointment

With Vasectomy in Sydney, the waiting time is not long. You can get an appointment within 1-2 weeks. The procedure can be done on the same day of the appointment. You do not need to bring any referral letter but if your GP has given you one, please bring with you. You need to report to the clinic at least 20 minutes before the appointment time. You can either pay by cash or EFTPOS but no cheques are accepted.