Who needs a vasectomy?

Deciding to do a vasectomy is a very important decision to make for any man. But asking a few questions yourself before making any decision can help you decide whether you are a right candidate and ready for vasectomy or not. Try the following questions and see how ready you are for vasectomy?

  1. Have you completed your family?
  2. Are you looking for a permanent method of family planning?
  3. Do you want to enjoy sex without worrying about pregnancy?
  4. Are you in a stable relationship with your partner/wife?
  5. Have you discussed with your partner/wife that you are considering getting a vasectomy?
  6. Does your partner/wife still want children or unsure of it?
  7. Does your partner/wife have issues using other methods of contraception?
  8. Did your partner/wife have a difficult delivery and doctors have advised her not to get pregnant again?
  9. Are you aware that vasectomy is a permanent method and chances of reversal is not good?
  10. You do not have any children and you and your partner/wife have decided not to have children?
  11. You are aware that vasectomy has much lower risk of failure  than your partner/wife getting her tubes tied?

In short, if you have completed your family and you and your partner are looking for a permanent method of contraception, vasectomy is a right choice for you.